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June 01 2012
Posted by massagesex  [ 13:24 ]
Facebook vs. Porn: A Pocket History

It shouldn't surprise anyone that an online service with more than 900 million members will attract some attention from the porn industry, as Facebook has through the years. That attention has spurred the social network to fight smut peddlers in court, with mixed results. Here's a brief history of Facebook's legal battles with the XXX set.

December 2007. Facebook sues SlickCash, a xvideosporn Canadian company specializing in Internet porn, for attempting to access the social network's servers at least some 200,000 times to obtain information on its users. According to AVN, an adult entertainment news website, that case was settled in April 2008. Under the deal, a permanent injunction was issued against the individuals involved in the incident and they promised not to become members of Facebook for ten years following the date of the settlement.

October 2009. Facebook is awarded $711 million in a civil judgment against Spam King Sanford Wallace who flooded the social network with junk messages. According to the lawsuit, Wallace and two cronies launched a phishing campaign on Facebook to promote porn and gambling sites and were guilty of more than 14.2 million violations of the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act.

April 2011. Facebook files a trademark infringement lawsuit [PDF] against Face Book of Sex website. Lawsuit alleges that the site rips off Facebook features such as profiles and a "like" button. It also encourages members to upload photos, preferably of the pornographic variety. About a year after filing the lawsuit, Facebook obtained control of the domain.

May 2011. Facebook challenges a trademark filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) by Shagbook, a site for "no strings attached adult dating" located in the United Kingdom. In its filing [PDF] with the USPTO, Facebook claims that Shagbook's logo is "highly similar" to Facebook's; its services are similar to those offered by Facebook; and that Shagbook was designed to "trade off the fame" of the social network.

Several months later (August 2011), Shagbook answered Facebook's USPTO filing with its own. In that document [PDF], Shagbook questions whether the word "facebook" can be trademarked. It argued that the "term was in common use in the English language well before [Facebook] began using the term in connection with its services." It added that Facebook was "engaged in trademark misuse and trademark bullying by abusively using oppositions, litigation, and threats of the same to maintain a competitive market advantage."

All the trademark wrangling hasn't prevented Shagbook from doing business as usual on the Internet under its off-color name.

December 2011. Facebook files a three-page "cease and desist" letter to Hunter Moore demanding he remove all Facebook screen grabs from his site, Is Anyone Up? Tagged as a "revenge" website, the Net locale allows it members to post nude photos of people along with screen grabs of their Facebook profiles. Moore ignored Facebook's letter and his website continues to do its thing on the Web.

May 2012. A federal district court judge in California punts on a trademark infringement case brought by Facebook against a Norwegian website called Faceporn that bills itself as "the number one socializing porn and sex network." According to a decision [PDF] handed down by Judge Jeffrey White, his court had no jurisdiction to hear the case because the website's activities weren't directly aimed at residents of California. It takes more than registering someone else's trademark as a domain name and posting a website on the Internet to prove that an act was directed at California, he wrote. Facebook is mum on whether it will pursue its case in Norway.
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Posted by massagesex  [ 13:24 ]
Los Angeles to porn industry: Use condoms or else

Los Angeles - A new L.A. city ordinance could hardsexporn deny pornographers a filming permit unless condoms are used, and the porn industry could be saying goodbye to its California home.
The Los Angeles city council voted 9-1 in favor of the mandatory condom ordinance on Tuesday, and the adult entertainment industry is already up in arms. According to USA Today, the city would deny filming permits to pornographers unless condom use was mandatory, but industry experts are claiming that the new law would take a big chunk of profits out of the already struggling business.
In the article, Vivid Entertainment's co-founder Steven Hirsch calls the city's bluff, stating that "it's going to be interesting to see how in fact they do try to enforce it and who's going to fund it, and all of the time and effort they're going to spend."
Adult Video News senior editor Mark Kernes claims that the ordinance will weaken the industry's profitability, which has taken a massive hit from the recession the availability of free porn online.
However, Ged Kenslea, the spokesperson for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, made it clear that the mandatory condom law has been in effect for some time now, but the lack of enforcement has made it negligible. Kenslea is quoted in the USA Today article as saying,"This film permit ordinance that the city council approved today provides another enforcement mechanism to make sure that adult film producers are complying with existing California law."
The adult entertainment industry has had its share of scares in recent years. In August 2011, several studios closed down due to an actor testing positive for HIV. The L.A. Times reported in June 2009 that over 16 porn stars had been diagnosed with HIV between 2004 and 2008 and the test results were not released to the public.
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Posted by massagesex  [ 13:23 ]
As it turns out, men are pretty much hard-wired to like watching -- or reading about -- other people having sex. Here's why they do it -- and why it's probably ok.

Most nights, after his wife, Kate, had gone to bed, Tom surfed the Internet for porn. Kate learned about this during their second session of couples therapy. Despite Tom's claims that his nocturnal habit had nothing to do with their love life, she worried he preferred porn to having sex with her.

That's a common reaction. "Often, one partner adultpornomovies has a porn interest, and the other thinks that's a problem," says Russell Stambaugh, PhD, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based psychologist and sex therapist. "It rarely is. The best studies suggest that only about 5% of porn users have a problem that interferes with their daily life."
That's good news, because a lot of people look at porn. According to a survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 26% of male Internet users visited adult websites (only 3% of women went to these sites). In 2006, the porn industry raked in nearly 13 billion dollars.

Men and Pornography: The Evolutionary Link

For most women, there's no need to worry. Whatever may be drawing a man to porn, it's seldom a reflection on his partner, says sex therapist Lonnie Barbach, PhD, in practice in San Francisco. "Some women feel threatened because they don't think they're as sexy as a porn star," she says. "But it's not about what he's not getting at home. It's the novelty. It's a turn-on."

Still, the question remains: Why do so many men like looking at pictures of naked people? That's not an easy question to answer. Porn-induced arousal has been linked to many parts of the brain. One recent theory holds that mirror neurons, brain cells that fire when an action is performed as well as when it's observed, play an important role in male arousal. But knowing what's fired up by porn doesn't tell us why our brains get turned on.

Stambaugh points to evolution. Men's brains, he says, are hard-wired for easy arousal, so that men are ready for sex whenever opportunity knocks -- a propagation-of-the-species thing. With online porn so readily at hand, vicarious opportunities -- cue the mirror neurons -- are ever present.

Once Kate realized that porn was not her replacement and Tom felt less ashamed about his habit, the couple talked more easily about their sex life. And that led to sexy outfits and a little experimentation in the bedroom. The porn was never the problem, Stambaugh says. "More often, the problem is how you talk and how you reveal yourself to each other."

Exploring Pornography

Thinking you might be interested in seeing what porn is like? Follow these guidelines to make it a positive part of your relationship.

Ladies' choice. Couples who want to try viewing porn together face a huge variety of choices. Men are easy to please, so it's best to find out what she likes. If she likes it, it's probably good enough for him.

Safety first. Unsafe sex is common in porn. It shouldn't be in your bedroom.

Time and money. If you're spending too much of either on porn, it often reflects a larger problem, like marital difficulties or a job loss.
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Posted by massagesex  [ 13:22 ]
What Women Want: Porn and the Frontier of Female Sexuality

James Deen won’t stop apologizing. From the moment he emerges from the garage of his sprawling, gray house and shakes my hand, he’s sorry. He’s sorry about the construction workers patching a hole in his roof. He’s sorry about the porn visible on his computer. He’s sorry about his television—he had it set to wake him up when Scooby Doo came on, but Scooby Doo didn’t come on, and now he’s running late.

He is not wearing a shirt. He doesn’t apologize for that.

He leads me past an enormous telescope, two bean bag chairs stacked beside a chaise longue, up a staircase, and into his bedroom.

“I had meant to put those pants on,” he extremeporn apologizes, pointing to a pile of denim on the floor, before excusing himself to brush, floss, gargle, and apply a T-shirt.

I wait on his maroon bedspread, run my feet over his circular maroon rug, and take inventory: zebra-print headboard, stone fireplace, big TV, can of spray-on deodorant, two-dozen lighters, and the tallith from his bar mitzvah. Outside his maroon drapes, Deen has a sweeping view of the San Fernando Valley below.

It feels like no one actually sleeps here.

The porn mansion clichés come as a surprise, since James Deen looks like an average 25-year-old guy from Pasadena. He is 5'8" and 150 pounds. He has wavy brown hair, bright blue eyes, and day-old stubble. He tweets about bacon, hot girls, and his difficulty finding time to shower. He cracks Jew jokes. He doesn’t work out. His penis is 9 inches long. On the internet, you can watch him employ it in a thousand different ways.

Deen has carved out a niche in the porn industry by looking like the one guy who doesn’t belong there. Scroll through L.A.’s top porn agency sites and you’ll find hundreds of pouty women ready to drop to their knees, but just a few dozen men available to have sex with them. These guys all have a familiar look—neck chains, frosted tips, unreasonable biceps, tribal tattoos. Deen looks like he was plucked from a particularly intellectual frat house.

It’s not that more normal-looking guys don’t want to be in porn, it’s that the industry isn’t exactly looking for them. Within the major porn talent agencies, female performers outnumber male ones almost 5-to-1. The directors and producers hiring them are mostly men. They’re staffing porn’s workforce with an eternally refreshed slate of female bodies, and a handful of guys who look like what men think women want: Big arms. Big abs. Big dicks.

The porn machine churns out performers to satisfy every fantasy, be it MILF, dwarf, fat, granny, or gang bang. But if you’re interested in watching a young, heterosexual, nonrepulsive man engage in sex, James Deen is basically it.
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Posted by massagesex  [ 13:22 ]
Just how big are porn sites?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a fast internet connection must be in want of some porn.

While foryouporn it’s difficult domain to penetrate — hard numbers are few and far between — we know for a fact that porn sites are some of the most trafficked parts of the internet. According to Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner, which tracks users across the web with a cookie, dozens of adult destinations populate the top 500 websites. Xvideos, the largest porn site on the web with 4.4 billion page views per month, is three times the size of CNN or ESPN, and twice the size of Reddit. LiveJasmin isn’t much smaller. YouPorn, Tube8, and Pornhub — they’re all vast, vast sites that dwarf almost everything except the Googles and Facebooks of the internet.

While page views are a fine starting point, they only tell you that X porn site is more popular than Y non-porn site. Four billion page views sure sounds like a lot, but it’s only when you factor in what those porn surfers are actually doing that the size and scale of adult websites truly comes into focus.

We’ll start by laying the ground work, and then on the second page we have some real world figures from YouPorn, the second largest porn site on the web. If you like, take a moment to try and estimate the amount of traffic that YouPorn handles every second. Let us know in the comments if your guess is anywhere near.


The main difference between porn and non-porn sites is the average duration of a visit: For a news site like Engadget or ExtremeTech, an average visit is usually between three and six minutes; enough time to read one or two stories. The average time spent on a porn site, however, is between 15 and 20 minutes.

Then you need to factor in that most websites are predominantly text and images, while the largest porn sites push streaming video. When you load the ExtremeTech home page, you’re talking about a couple of megabytes, and then maybe 500 kilobytes if you load an article. When you stream porn, assuming a low resolution of 480×200, you’re looking at around 100 kilobytes per second — which, over 15 minutes, is around 90 megabytes.

Then you need to multiply 90 megabytes by the number of monthly visits — which is around 350 million for Xvideos. This comes to around 29 petabytes of data transferred every month, or 50 gigabytes per second. To put this into comparison, your home internet connection is probably capable of transferring a couple of megabytes per second, which is about 25,000 times smaller.

In short, porn sites cope with astronomical amounts of data. The only sites that really come close in term of raw bandwidth are YouTube or Hulu, but even then YouPorn is something like six times larger than Hulu.
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